JavaScript Developer (React)

Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil · frontend-jun-2018


Crave Food Systems is an innovation & technology company specialized in generating efficiency in the food service industry. Our product WhatsGood is an online marketplace that connects chefs and local food purveyors.

Purveyors find at WhatsGood a place to showcase and offer their products to purchasers, while efficiently managing their ordering process.

Purchasers find at WhatsGood a place to connect with purveyors and organize their local purchasing.

We currently have an office in Providence (RI – USA) and we are just opening a new office in Ribeirão Preto (SP – Brazil). This position is a local position for the Ribeirão Preto only.

Are you able to understand backend developers and UX designers? Can you put their work together to make beautiful and useful applications? Then you should apply to work with us! Independently of the position we expect that everyone involved in the development process be interested in the whole stack and product – there is no part of the system that is somebody's else problem.


At Crave we use React, Redux, Webpack and other great tools available in JS world!

Some skills we would like to see in our candidates:




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